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Driver Instructor Training

All good driving instructors will agree that you never stop learning and working to improve your teaching skills. Whether one is an engineer, airline pilot, doctor, or forklift operator etc, refresher courses become an integral part of the particular job. In TSM we have a policy of holding instructor meetings on a regular basis in order maintain standards and discuss best practice and to ensure that each individual is singing from the same hymn sheet.

It takes a minimum of one or two years to qualify as a primary or second level teacher, not two or three weeks! Likewise, one can’t learn or train to become a driving instructor overnight or in a condensed two or three week period. We in Temple School of Motoring fervently believe that beginning to master the skill of becoming a good driving instructor takes a minimum of three months as information must be imparted, understood, assimilated and implemented.

Donald Moxham with the assistance of his colleagues has been training instructors for over fifteen years. Our policy is to train category B instructors on a ‘pay as you go policy’ for the RSA ADI examinations. Some individuals will require more guidance in one aspect of the training process than another and we train at a speed to suit individual needs. We do NOT support, agree with or offer one, two or three week ‘cramming courses’ unless the course is one of a ‘refresher’ nature.

In the vast majority of cases this training approach works out to be more cost effective than the flat rate two or three week programmes.

For further information please contact Donald.