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Advanced/Fleet Driver Training

Most people who have passed the learner test receive no further training even though the demands made on drivers have changed dramatically in recent years.

The concept of Advanced/Fleet Driving does not aim to encourage faster driving but rather safer and smoother vehicle control. Research shows that attitudes affect driving safety. The purpose of Advanced/Fleet training is to try to improve the attitudes of drivers and to focus their attention on increased concentration and hazard management. In more than 90% of accidents, human error is the cause. Vehicle collisions do not happen by chance but are the consequence of unsafe driving practices.

Temple School of Motoring offer Advanced training courses both to individuals wishing to become safer drivers, groups of people with the same aspirations and to Corporate Fleets. The precise nature of the training we offer can be tailored to the requirements of individuals or companies. For example it can include a group presentation followed by individual driving sessions with coaching and assessment; one-to-one classroom session followed by the same or individual driver training sessions and assessment only. The ultimate goal is to help drivers become safer and more proficient in dealing with hazardous driving situations more effectively by thinking wisely and planning well ahead.

Please contact Donald Moxham or Keith Hanlon for further information or a consultation.